Tuesday, August 13, 2019

TP.MT5507.PC821 WIFI Smart LED Board Software Free Download All Resolution

TP.MT5507.PC821 WIFI Smart Board Software Download All Resolution:

TP.MT5507.PC821 Size  32″ to 55 Inch & resolution 1920×1080 TP.MT5507.PC821 The high-speed Network with the TP.MT5507.PC821 Smart Board has Multiple ports of A V USB Interface Ports TP.MT5507.PC821 China Smart Network board has Android 4.4.3 Version.TP.MT5507.PC821 has a LAN RJ45 Internet Connector interface port also for the wired cable internet network &  The Video and Sound quality of TP MT5507 PC821 is a Combo high-speed Network Triple play motherboard that has the ATV Backlight Driver Board and Power Supply Module built-in it.



TP.MT5507.PC821 WIFI Smart Board Information:

πŸ”»Model:                                 TP.MT5507.PC821

πŸ”»  Brand:                               FHD Smart LED TV Main Board

πŸ”»  Resolution:                       up to 1920×1080 

πŸ”»  Board Size:                        32” to 55 Inch

πŸ”»  Panel Power:                    12V

πŸ”»  Power Input:                     100-240V AC

πŸ”»  Video-Input:                      TV Details in 3.1 ATV PAL

πŸ”»  Audio Input:                      2x8w

πŸ”»  Android Version:               Android 4.4

πŸ”»  Backlight:                         400mA

πŸ”»  ROM:                                 4Gb eMMC

πŸ”»  RAM:                                  512 Mb 1GB DDR SD Ram

πŸ”»  CPU:                                  4 Core A7

πŸ”»  CPU Frequency:              1.5 GHz

πŸ”»  GPU:                                  Mali400*2

πŸ”»  GPU Frequency:              500MHz

πŸ”»  OSD Language:               Chinese English

πŸ”»  Interface:                          Single Dual LVDS

Service Menu Code TP.MT5507.PC821

πŸ”»  Menu+1147

How to Update Software TP.MT5507.PC821

πŸ”»  Download Software file

πŸ”»  Extract the RAR file

πŸ”»  Copy to USB Drive bin file

πŸ”»  Insert in universal board

πŸ”»  Insert the switch into 220v

πŸ”»  After Few seconds red indicator light will start blinking

πŸ”»  Wait when still led light stops blinking

πŸ”»  After this led light will still on the red light

πŸ”»  Remove the USB Drive

πŸ”»  Done! firmware successfully installed

πŸ”»  Restart Remote Button & Enjoy!

How To Download TP.MT5507.PC821 WIFI Smart Board Software All Resolution From This Blog:

Card Resolution Download Link
TP.MT5507.PC821 1920x1080_4GB_REF48_USB.part1 Download
TP.MT5507.PC821 1920x1080_4GB_REF48_USB.part2 Download
TP.MT5507.PC821 1920x1080_4GB_REF48_USB.part3 Download
TP.MT5507.PC821 1920x1080_4GB_REF48_USB.part4 Download
TP.MT5507.PC821 1920x1080_4GB_REF48_USB.part5 Download

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