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TP.MS628 PD65 Android Smart board Software Free Download:

TP.MS628 PD65 Latest Android Smartboard Firmware Free Download All Resolution:

You are on TechnologySack.com Technologysack is the site about electronics LCD LED Software Firmware free Download. In this post, you can download TP.MS628 PD65 Smart Board Software Free All Resolution TP.MS628 PD65 Ali Cloud 4 Core Network Smartboard TP.MS628 PD65 42''to''65 Panel Supports.4.4 Android platform Wide LED Panel Supported.Dual A/V Ports Dual USB Ports VGA HDMI Antenna Interface Headphone Ports.1920x1080p Resolution Supports.


TP.MS628 PD65 General Information:

Model:                         TP.MS628 PD65 QT5D3LP V5.2

Chipset:                      MSD6A628VXM-Z1-ST

Aspect Ratio:             16:09

OS Version:                 Android 4.4

Resolution:                 1920×1080

CPU:                            ARM Cortex A7 Quad-Core CPU

CPU Frequency:        1G Hz

GPU:                            Quad-Core Mali-450MP2

GPU Frequency:        400MHz

WIFI Antenna:           Yes Built-in

System:                        PAL NTSC

Power Rating:             100V 240V 50Hz 60Hz

Panel Power:               12v

RAM:                             1GB DDR

ROM:                             4 GB eMMC

Backlight Voltage:     30V to 140V

Backlight Power:       45w

Audio Output:             2x8w  8ohm

TV Tuner Input:          1 ATV DTMB

Power Rating:             100V~240V 50Hz 60Hz

Power Consumption:    110Watt

PC Compatible:           Yes HDMI VGA

TP.MS628 PD65 Service Menu Code.

Remote control Menu Code:      1147

Signal Source Menu Code:         2580

Few boards Menu Code:                  2580

Note The following given TP.MS628 PD65 Firmware is USB upgradeable www.technologysack.com Team is not Responsible for any type of damage in result with loading To installing the TP.MS628 PD65 Software All Resolution.

How to Download TP.MS628 PD65 Smart Board Firmware:

1.Download Software file

2. Extract the RAR file

3. Copy to SD Card USB bin file

4. Insert in TP.MS628 PD65 Smart Board

5. Few seconds Awaiting for red indicator light will start blinking

6. Wait when still led light stops blinking

7.After this led light will still on the red light

8. Remove the USB Disk

9. Done! firmware successfully installed.

TP.MS628 PD65 Smart Board Firmware From This Blog:

No Card Resolution Download Link
1 TP.MS628 PD65 QT5D3LP 1366x768 USB.part1 Download
2 TP.MS628 PD65 QT5D3LP 1366x768 USB.part2 Download
3 TP.MS628 PD65 QT5D3LP 1366x768 USB.part3 Download
4 TP.MS628 PD65 QT5D3LP 1366x768 USB.part4 Download
5 TP.MS628 PD65 QT5D3LP 1366x768 USB.part5 Download
6 TP.MS628 PD65 QT5D3LP 1920x1080 USB.part1 Download
7 TP.MS628 PD65 QT5D3LP 1920x1080 USB.part2 Download
8 TP.MS628 PD65 QT5D3LP 1920x1080 USB.part3 Download
9 TP.MS628 PD65 QT5D3LP 1920x1080 USB.part4 Download
10 TP.MS628 PD65 QT5D3LP 1920x1080 USB.part5 Download

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