Thursday, August 22, 2019

SKR.A8 Universal LED TV Board Firmware Free Download:

SKR.A8 Universal LED TV Board Firmware Free Download All Resolution:

SKR.A8  Universal LED TV Board It can support  26-inch LED panels resolution Support up to 1920×1080 USB interface HDMI VGA Audio In Audio Out Headphone interface Antenna Interface SKR.A8 is widescreen supported and also has multi-language English Hindi Franch Spanish Arabic.

SKR.A8 Universal LED TV Board Info:

Model:                                              SKR.A8

Chipset:                                           RDA850

Panel Interface:                            Single channel or Dual channel LVDS

Audio OP Power:                          
2 x 3 Watt 8 ohms

Panel Voltage:                              +3.3V+5V+12V DC jumping cap setting

Working Input Voltage:               DC +12 Volt

Standby Power:                            <0.2W

Maximum Current:                       2000mA Without Panel

Maximum Current for USB:        500mA

Multi-Language:                            Yes English Hindi Franch Spanish Arabic

SKR.A8 Factory Service Menu Code:

Menu Code:   Menu+1147

How to Download SKR.A8 Universal Board Firmware:

➤  Download Software file

➤  Extract the RAR file

➤  Copy to SD Card USB bin file

➤  Insert in SKR.A8 Universal Board

➤  Few seconds Awaiting for red indicator light will start blinking

➤  Wait when still led light stops blinking

➤  After this led light will still on the red light

➤  Remove the USB Disk

➤  Done! firmware successfully installed

Click Here To Download SKR.A8 Universal Firmware 

No Card Resolution Download Link
1 SKR.A8 1024x768_General_USB Download
2 SKR.A8 1280x1024_General_USB Download
3 SKR.A8 1366x768_General_USB Download
4 SKR.A8 1440x900_General_USB Download
5 SKR.A8 1600x900_General_USB Download
6 SKR.A8 1680x1050_General_USB Download
7 SKR.A8 1920x1080_General_USB Download
8 SKR.A8 1280x720_PNL_CMO27_USB Download
9 SKR.A8 1280x768_PNL_LC260W01_USB Download
10 SKR.A8 1400x1050_PNL_IBM_ITSX95E_USB Download
11 SKR.A8 1600x1200_PNL_LQ150U1LH22_USB Download
12 SKR.A8 1920x1200_PNL_LTM240CT01_USB Download
13 SKR.A8 1280x1024_APARNA-IS MODEL_Backup Download

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