Sunday, August 11, 2019

SKR.819 Universal ATV LED Board Firmware Free Download All Resolution

SKR.819 Universal ATV LED Board Firmware Free Download All Resolution:

SKR.819 Universal Analog ATV LED TV Board SKR.819 is China LED TV Board Universal LED board 24 '' to 37'' inch panel supported 1080x1920p resolution supported dual audio video port available in this board dual USB VGA HDMI Ports in this board SKR.819 china board Main Chip RDA8501 Input Voltage 220 AC.

How to Download & Install SKR 819 Software:

1. Download Software Bin file

2. Extract the RAR file

3. Copy to USB Flash drive bin file

4. Insert in SKR 819 universal china board

5. Insert the switch into 220v

6. After Few seconds red indicator light will start blinking

7. Wait when still led light stops blinking

8. After this led light will still on the red light

9. Remove the USB Disk drive

10. Done! Software successfully installed Enjoy.

Here You can Download SKR 819 Software All Resolution Free:

No Card Resolution Download Link
1 SKR.819 SKR.819 GENERAL 1366x768 Download
2 SKR.819 SKR.819 GENERAL 1920x1080 Download
3 SKR.819 SKR.819 Amoi LE-8832C Download