Friday, August 16, 2019

LDD.H310.A48 Smart 4k Android Board Software Free Download All Resolution:

LDD.H310.A48 Smart 4k Android Board Software Free Download All Resolution:

LDD.H310.A48 driver board 512 MB RAM 4 GB Internal Storage FHD 1920×1080 Resolution Supported. 32″ to 46″ inch LED Display Panel Supported Full HD Wide-Screen. LDD.H310.A48 Support Super wifi system. Smart FHD TV Android Platform LED Board.LDD.H310.A48 Smart Board Supported Dual ports of Audio Video, USB Antenna interface Ports, Dual HDMI ports VGA and Headphones also Available In this Board. LDD H310 A48 has a LAN RJ45 Ethernet Connector interface port for cable internet network you can connect internet connection. LDD.H310.A48 is a Combo Network motherboard, Backlight Driver Board, and Power Supply Module Internal. The Video and Sound quality.

How to Download LDD.H310.A48 Smart Board Software:

1. Download Software file

2. Extract the RAR file

3. Copy to USB Disk bin file

4. Insert in LDD.H310.A48 Smartboard

5. Few seconds waiting for red indicator light will start blinking

6. Wait when still led light stops blinking

7. After this led light will still on the red light

8. Remove the USB Disk

9.  Done! firmware successfully installed

Restart Board & Enjoy!

Important Note: The following provided Software upgradeable. Technology Sack team is not responsible for any case of damage result from installing the Software.

Here You Can Download LDD.H310.A48 Smart Led Board All Resolution Just One Click.

No Card Resolution Download Link
1 LDD.H310.A48 1366x768 Samsung 512M 4G.part1 Download
2 LDD.H310.A48 1366x768 Samsung 512M 4G.part2 Download
3 LDD.H310.A48 1366x768 Samsung 512M 4G.part3 Download
4 LDD.H310.A48 1366x768 Samsung 512M 4G.part4 Download
5 LDD.H310.A48 1366x768Samsung 512M 4G.part5 Download
6 LDD.H310.A48 1366x768 Sony 512M 4G.part1 Download
7 LDD.H310.A48 1366x768 Sony 512M 4G.part2 Download
8 LDD.H310.A48 1366x768 Sony 512M 4G.part3 Download
9 LDD.H310.A48 1366x768 Sony 512M 4G.part4 Download
10 LDD.H310.A48 1366x768 Sony 512M 4G.part5 Download
11 LDD.H310.A48 1920x1080 Samsung 512M 4G.part1 Download
12 LDD.H310.A48 1920x1080 Samsung 512M 4G.part2 Download
13 LDD.H310.A48 1920x1080 Samsung 512M 4G.part3 Download
14 LDD.H310.A48 1920x1080 Samsung 512M 4G.part4 Download
15 LDD.H310.A48 1920x1080 Samsung 512M 4G.part5 Download
16 LDD.H310.A48 1920x1080 Sony 512M 4G.part1 Download
17 LDD.H310.A48 1920x1080 Sony 512M 4G.part2 Download
18 LDD.H310.A48 1920x1080 Sony 512M 4G.part3 Download
19 LDD.H310.A48 1920x1080 Sony 512M 4G.part4 Download
20 LDD.H310.A48 1920x1080 Sony 512M 4G.part5 Download

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