Tuesday, July 16, 2019

T.VST59.A10 Smart LCD/LED TV Board Firmware Free Download All Resolution:

T.VST59.A10 Smart LCD/LED TV Board firmware Free Download All Resolution:

Hello Friends, I am Asif Gillani & this is my blog This is the best site to download T.VST59.A10 LCD/LED TV Software & Basic info You are on the right website www.technologysack.com You Can download any type of Universal & Smart LCD/LED TV Board  Software free Download All Resolution In of T.VST59.A10 LCD/LED TV Software for free Download All Resolution.




T.VST59.A10 Smart Board Information:

T.VST59.A10 Smart LCD/LED TV board is the Viera 1366X768 Differently marketed as the Resolution 1366x768 away in Europe The 1366X768 is the world first Ultra HD Premium television board to hit the look.

How To Update Firmware?

➤     Take a UDISK and Format at Fat 32

➤     Copy the Firmware In USB Disk

➤     Plug USB Disk into USB Port of LED TV

➤    Turn On the Power and Wait till IR Indicator led stops Flashing

➤    Done, Unplug USB Disk and Enjoy!

T.VST59.A10 Smart LCD/LED Board Specification:

Model:                           T.VST59.A10

Resolution:                    1920x1200,1366x768-General

Mark:                             Leroy

Panel Volt:                     3.3v 5v 12v jumper setting

Screen Display Size:     15 To 54 Inch

How To Download T.VST59.A10 LCD/LED TV Board Software From This Blog:

No Card Resolution Download Link
1 T.VST59.A10 1920x1080-General Download
2 T.VST59.A10 1920x1200-General Download
3 T.VST59.A10 1366x768-General Download
4 T.VST59.A10 Panel-Mix Download