Monday, July 22, 2019

CV638H-B 4K Android Smart Board Software Free Download All Resolution:

CV638H-B 4K Android Smart Board Software Free Download All Resolution:

CV638H-B UHD Is the best Android Smart LED TV Board In this post I will show you How to Download Smartboard Software How to install or Update Software you can download Smart LED Board Software All Resolution for Free

Information CV638H-B Board:

Model:                                      CV638H-B

Main Chipset:                        CV638H B 13/14 MST6M60

Brand:                                   Universal Board

Resolution Supported:       3840x2160

Wifi Supported:                   Yes Supported

Ram:                                      756MB,1GB

Internal Storage:                  4GB,8GB

Android Version:                   Android 4.4

USB Ports:                             2.0 OR 3.0 Available

HDMI:                                    Supported 2.0 slot

How To Install Firmware?

1. Extract RAR file into a bin file

2. got USB Drive and Format at Fat32

3. Copy Bin into USB Drive

4. insert USB Disk to SmartBoard TV

5. Press And Hold Power button on

6. wait for power on after four seconds

7. The software will start installing

8. Greenlight will Start Blinking

9. After this led light will still on a red light

10. Remove USB Drive and Restart LED Board

11. Done Software is successfully Installed Now Enjoy.

Download All Resolution here:

No Card Resolution Download Link
1 CV638H-B EUROSTAR_T65UHDS Download
2 CV638H-B Nobel_4K_Smart EMMC Download
3 CV638H-B 3840x2160_China IR Download
4 CV638H-B NIKAI-UHD-65SLED2 Download